The members section can be viewed in a number of ways. You can sort or filter the list by various criteria.

Sorting, or ordering the list can be done by state, firm, or member name. You can use multiple sort criteria if you wish. for example, by selecting Sort by Sate, Then by Name, you will be presented with a list of members ordered by state name first, then by member name within each state name. You do not need to select all three criteria provided if you do not wish.

View / Filtering, or excluding members by criteria can be done by selecting only those members who are active, only those who are officers, board members, representatives to other groups or committee chairs.

Both Sorting and Filtering - If you wish, you may use both filtering and sorting at the same time. For example, if you wish to see only acitve members ordered by state name, select sort by: state, view: active members.

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